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Our promotions change with the seasons and popular events. Watch this space for updates!


Cater Care offers a number of promotional initiatives to add excitement, value and rewards to your café experience.


Coffee Loyalty Rewarded


Our coffee offer is supported by our great loyalty program - buy nine, get your 10th for free!


Regular Marketing Programs


Our annual marketing program is designed around a monthly calendar of promotions that ensure added value and seasonal emphasis, with a focus on excitement and experience. Be sure to check this page regularly to make sure you're in the loop!




Our reward promotions are primarily based on rewarding you for your loyalty. Whether you're purchasing coffee, sandwiches, hot meals or salads, we reward you for buying from us.




We offer greater value in the form of our "combo" deals. These 'bundled' combinations of different meals and drinks are offered at a discounted price make it easier to choose a complete meal and get a great deal.




The excitement of instant prizes backed by our suppliers to provide excellent prizes for competitions.





Experience our innovative menus, and featured annual events such as Australia Day, Spring Carnival, The Festive Season and special events that can be based on cuisine.